Some More Lockdown Podcast Recommendations

I have a writing deadline so I’m just going to post links.


Cyber | The Hacker Who’s Hacking Ventilators to Save Lives


Death, Sex & Money | A Widow’s Guide to Grieving


Warraburra Nura | Episode 3 | The Seasons


Unladylike | How to Live Single, Pt 1: Doing You


Online Great Books | Episode 81 | The Case for Digital Currency: Nakamoto on Bitcoin


The Plant Report | Episode 32 | The Amazing Amaranth Family


Death, Sex & Money | What Keeps Wendell Pierce Up At Night


Home of the Brave| The Round River


The Rich Roll Podcast | Episode 538 | The Gut Health MD: Dr Will Bulsiewicz On Optimizing Your Microbiome (In A Pandemic)


Death, Sex & Money | This Senator Saved My Life


Canadian Prepper Podcast | Solar Setups


Over the Road | The Biggest Tailgate in Trucking


Outside/In | The Lithium Gold Rush


Blindspot: the Road to 9/11 | Episode 4 | The Sheikh


More Perfect | Sex Appeal


The Building Science Podcast | Through the Looking Glass of High Performance Windows




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