Nov 2020 Podcast Recommendations

These are some of the shows I have been listening to lately.

Outside/In is produced by New Hampshire Public Radio and hosted by Sam Evans-Brown; an award-winning environment reporter. The Olive and the Pine episode examines the ways in which “In some places, certain trees can become windows into history, tools of erasure, or symbols of resistance.” The episode aired just a few weeks before a sacred tree was felled on Djab Wurrung country.

Blindspot: The road to 9/11 is a podcast which looks at the events leading up to the September 11 2001 terrorist attack. Episode 7, The Falcon Hunt, includes “the story of a time when the CIA was sure it had bin Laden in their sights, but couldn’t get the go-ahead from the White House to pull the trigger.”

Today in Focus is a daily podcast produced by the Guardian, hosted by Anushka Asthana, former political editor at the Guardian. Inside Australia’s asylum system—a possible model for the UK features an interview with Australian journalist Ben Doherty about the history of Australia’s asylum seeker policies, and an interview with Behrouz Boochani, the author who spent seven years in detention in PNG. The British government is considering copying Australia’s illegal treatment of asylum seekers to deter people from trying to seek refuge in the UK.

Episode 125 of Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast, The How to be a Tiny House Prepper: Bug Out Bags, Wild Edibles, and Outdoor Survival Skills with Matt Gabriel  looks at the philosophical overlap between prepping and tiny house living.

The content of the Your Undivided Attention podcast reminds me of Adam Altar’s 2017 book Irresistible: Why we can’t stop checking, scrolling, clicking and watching. Produced by the Center for Humane Technology, the podcast examines the ways technology is designed to seize our attention, and looks at steps we can take to free ourselves from the compulsions it creates. Episode 1, What Happened in Vegas, features Natasha Dow Schüll, author of Addiction by Design.

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