Call of The Reed Warbler: A New Agriculture, A New Earth Charles Massy

Call of the Reed Warbler

Call of the Reed Warbler by Charles Massy ISBN 978-0-7022-5341-6 When Australian farmer Charles Massy was young he was climbing a snow capped mountain in New Zealand when he noticed that the snow had a red tinge to it: Using my ice axe, I chipped into the sugary layer, thinking the colour came from some type of algae. To my enquiry, and with an air … Continue reading Call of the Reed Warbler

Greening the Apocalypse podcast

Greening the Apocalypse started as a summer fill at RRR, a community radio station in Melbourne. The first show went to air on 10 February 2015. Since then, we’ve been picked up as a weekly show, and have been extremely fortunate in accessing some of the sharpest minds in global food, ecological and political systems, including: Clive Blazey . Joel Salatin. Vandana Shiva. David Holmgren. … Continue reading Greening the Apocalypse podcast

The clusterf*ck that the world seems to be facing

Greening the Apocalypse is a weekly radio talk show about big picture issues such as the global energy crisis and climate change from a solutions angle. Airing every Tuesday night on Melbourne’s RRR community radio station, Greening the Apocalypse started in early 2015 after Adam Grubb and Ben Bush combined forces. Mr Grubb has a background in energy politics and co-founded Very Edible Gardens. Mr … Continue reading The clusterf*ck that the world seems to be facing

Greening the Superfluity

This week’s episode of the Greening the Apocalypse radio show coincided with the 2016 Radiothon. You can listen back here. Every week Greening the Apocalypse are honoured to fill the timeslot before Superfluity and every week Superfluity’s Casey Bennetto performs an original show intro. Casey’s radiothon opener was a triumph of musical scholarship that brought tears to Bushy’s eyes. Please subscribe to RRR if you … Continue reading Greening the Superfluity