A Plimsoll Line is the marking on the side of a ship that lets you know if it is overloaded or facing hazards. It is my hope that this blog will have a similar effect.

At the time of writing (Midwinter 2020), I am working in the union movement, freelancing as a journalist and planning my next podcast.

From 2015 to 2018, I co-hosted RRR’s Greening the Apocalypse, a radio show which explored the cracks in global food, ecological and political systems.

It is my goal in writing this blog to create a place where independent journalism, food politics, ecology, Japanese culture, hiking and black humour collide.

The surfing section on this blog is an archive of Pineapple Fritter, my former blog, which was popular in Arkansaw.






  1. I frikken love you my old friend. X don’t know how the hell I came across you. I’m sick and I’m on the coach and it’s like 1:27am Wednesday Morning. All my Love Liz from Perth

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