Lockdown Podcast Recommendations

Some of these are older episodes that warrant fresh listening. Others, like Time To Get My News From A River and You Can’t Meditate This Away were born out of COVID and the Black Lives Matter protests. He’s Still Neutral remains my favorite-ever podcast episode. It’s upbeat, which is good because sometimes your brain needs something positive to counteract the news. But then again, it’s also time to lean in to issues of race, class, disability and climate. I say mix it up a little, but do engage.

[Also, I have been streaming RRR community radio. The RRR Radiothon is coming up. The station hasn’t been receiving much in the way of sponsorship so listener subscriptions are important.]



Last Born in the Wilderness | Episode 199 | Kaczynski Moments: A Generation of Unabomber Acolytes (&Apostates) w/ John. H. Richardson


Ten Percent Happier | Episode 252 | You Can’t Meditate This Away: Race, Rage and the Responsibilities of Meditators


This American Life | Episode 706 | A Mess to Be Reckoned With


Home of the Brave | Time To Get My News From A River


Rumblestrip | Episode 1 | Our Show


Asian Enough | Weijia Jiang


Criminal | Episode 119 | He’s Still Neutral


Wind of Change | Episode 1 | My Friend Michael


Death, Sex & Money | Goodbye, John Prine


Homecooking | Episode 1 | Bean There, Done That


Up Ya Class | The OG Reservoir Dog: Catherine Deveny


Online Great Books | Episode 79 | Rooted in Community: Berry’s Jayber Crow


About Race | Episode 1 | Things Can Only Get Better


Dolly Parton’s America | The Only One For Me, Jolene


Over The Road | Our Punjabi Brothers


Listen Able | Dylan Alcott





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