The Collective Unconscious

The shark attacks are getting to Graham. He reckons he will never surf WA again. ‘I’m gonna invent a cage that people can go swimming in’ ‘That’s the stupidest idea I have ever heard’ ‘You won’t be saying that when you get taken.’ That was last week. It must be playing on his mind because last night as I was giving him a shiatsu he … Continue reading The Collective Unconscious

The Last Time I Had Sunday Off Kurt Cobain Was Alive

couldn’t give a flying fuck about your compressed lumbar nerve because I have just decompressed my city brain with a good old fashioned counter cultural dip in the soup Continue reading The Last Time I Had Sunday Off Kurt Cobain Was Alive

It Is Pronounced Golden Roe

Graham’s car needs a clean. There’s pad thai from surfing last week. A pile of mail addressed to somebody called Gunasekara Gunasekara. Psuedoephedrine hydrochloride. Empty tube of Billabong suncream with Mick Fanning on the front. Sarsaparilla bottle. Coffee cups. Directions scrawled. A Mint Pattie wrapper. ‘Yep I’ve been known to eat the occassional Mint Pattie and I’m very partial to the Golden Rough.’ Three packets … Continue reading It Is Pronounced Golden Roe