Podcast Recommendations Aug 2022

Daniel O’Donohue, the interviewer behind The MapScaping Podcast sounds like a really nice person. I first caught an episode back in March about the link between geospatial, journalism, and open-source intelligence which touched on the role of open-source intelligence journalism in tracking what was happening in Ukraine. Really worth a listen.

Nothing is Foreign is a weekly podcast about world events. The strength of the podcast comes from the experience of host Tamara Khandaker who interviews reporters on the ground. The episode Sri Lanka overthrew its president, what now? is a good place to start.

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown is available as a podcast.

So far I have only listened to one episode of Stats + Stories but it was a great one about Benford’s Law and Election Fraud. Shame we can’t use Benford’s law to detect a prime minister appointing himself to secret ministries. (Non-Australian readers see here)

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