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Peanut butter fruit

I really loved speaking to Rosanne Parker from Joe’s Connected Garden for this Sanctuary magazine article. Rosanne shared with me a spreadsheet in which Joe Kielnerowski documents the unbelievable number of species they have growing in the project including O’Henry peach Prunus persica, Fuyu persimmon Diospyros kaki and Peanut butter fruit Bunchosia argenta.   Advertisements Continue reading Peanut butter fruit

Blessed are the interviewees

I have been fortunate to interview some amazing people over the years. A lot of the interviews came via my involvement in RRR’s Greening the Apocalypse, and some of them from loitering around Half Moon Café in Coburg Mall with a H4N Zoom. Here are ten of the interviews that stick in my mind. 1. V.Vale V.Vale started RE/Search Publications, when Allen Ginsberg gave him … Continue reading Blessed are the interviewees

Consumed: Food For A Finite Planet

Consumed: Food For a Finite Planet by Sarah Elton ISBN-13: 978-0-226-09362-8 Published 2013 by The University of Chicago Press 348 pages ‘The food system as we know it was assembled in a few decades- and if it can be built that quickly, it can be reassembled and improved in the same amount of time.’ The Australian Bureau of Statistics website has a Population Clock that … Continue reading Consumed: Food For A Finite Planet

The Overlooked Organisms

This article was first published in May 2014–I am republishing it today (May 2016)  to promote Alison Pouliot’s upcoming fungi workshops and because  Alison Pouliot is tomorrow night’s guest on RRR’s Greening the Apocalypse. ‘I became an amateur mycologist years ago when I had a very nice plate of pappardelle and wild mushrooms in a restaurant in New York, and by midnight all my internal … Continue reading The Overlooked Organisms

Priest Prays For Pesticide Ban

The use of a type of pesticide called neonicotinoids is on the increase, much to the dismay of beekeepers, who view ‘neonics’ as contributing to a decline in bee numbers. A worldwide reduction in bee populations poses a serious risk to the global food supply. ‘Bees are required in the pollination and reproductive process of food crops to make them viable. If we didn’t have … Continue reading Priest Prays For Pesticide Ban

The Weirdos on the Fringe

#EatBuyGrow Talks Feb 19 Melbourne PART TWO Salatin finishes and my friend, a boy crazy cheesemaker, texts me from three rows behind where I sit at the #EatBuyGrow talks to ask, ‘Who are you sitting next to!?’ I haven’t looked at his face (we are the tightly packed sardines fighting the apocalypse in here) but our elbows and shoulder are touching and I like how … Continue reading The Weirdos on the Fringe


#EatBuyGrow Talks Feb 19 Melbourne PART ONE In 1969 Ravi Shankar, Joan Baez, Arlo Guthrie, Santana, Grateful Dead, the Who, Creedence, Hendrix and a whole bunch of other legends played at Woodstock. I got to thinking about Woodstock sitting in the crowd at the #EatBuyGrow talks put on by the Regrarians last week. It wasn’t just the paisley revival or availability of kombucha that got … Continue reading THE MAGNIFICENCE AND AWESOMENESS