Consumed: Food For A Finite Planet

Consumed: Food For a Finite Planet by Sarah Elton ISBN-13: 978-0-226-09362-8 Published 2013 by The University of Chicago Press 348 pages ‘The food system as we know it was assembled in a few decades- and if it can be built that quickly, it can be reassembled and improved in the same amount of time.’ The Australian Bureau of Statistics website has a Population Clock that … Continue reading Consumed: Food For A Finite Planet

Scoby Do–Kombucha vs the State

We live in a world of frustrated ideals. Sometimes bad things, oil spills for instance, or plumes of carcinogenic factory smoke, are under-regulated, while seemingly innocuous things, kombucha for example, are hounded by the faceless men and women of the state liquor license board. Sarah Coles spoke to Dean O’Callaghan from The Good Brew Company, about hypocrisy, the healing properties of SCOBY and the sacred … Continue reading Scoby Do–Kombucha vs the State

Priest Prays For Pesticide Ban

The use of a type of pesticide called neonicotinoids is on the increase, much to the dismay of beekeepers, who view ‘neonics’ as contributing to a decline in bee numbers. A worldwide reduction in bee populations poses a serious risk to the global food supply. ‘Bees are required in the pollination and reproductive process of food crops to make them viable. If we didn’t have … Continue reading Priest Prays For Pesticide Ban

The Weirdos on the Fringe

#EatBuyGrow Talks Feb 19 Melbourne PART TWO Salatin finishes and my friend, a boy crazy cheesemaker, texts me from three rows behind where I sit at the #EatBuyGrow talks to ask, ‘Who are you sitting next to!?’ I haven’t looked at his face (we are the tightly packed sardines fighting the apocalypse in here) but our elbows and shoulder are touching and I like how … Continue reading The Weirdos on the Fringe


#EatBuyGrow Talks Feb 19 Melbourne PART ONE In 1969 Ravi Shankar, Joan Baez, Arlo Guthrie, Santana, Grateful Dead, the Who, Creedence, Hendrix and a whole bunch of other legends played at Woodstock. I got to thinking about Woodstock sitting in the crowd at the #EatBuyGrow talks put on by the Regrarians last week. It wasn’t just the paisley revival or availability of kombucha that got … Continue reading THE MAGNIFICENCE AND AWESOMENESS

Autumn fungi workshop

Yesterday I had the supreme good fortune of attending The Bizarre and the Beautiful, Alison Pouliot’s fungi workshop in Woodend, Victoria. I recorded an interview with Alison before a wonderful day of immersion in the fungi kingdom. Both audio and written reflections to appear soon. If you live in Australia put on your wellies and get along to one of the workshops this Autumn. Quite … Continue reading Autumn fungi workshop

Pickle Club Is My True North

Life would have been simpler before HBO started making such great television dramas. I get distracted in these times. But pickling, like gardening, is a way to slow down and check out what is really going on. You can’t rush a daikon. Pickle Club is a grassroots group with roughly 20 members that meets four times a year.  Ah there is nothing better than taking … Continue reading Pickle Club Is My True North