Grasp The Nettle

Day’s Walk Farm is one day’s walk from the city of Melbourne. Paul Miragliotta began farming there four months ago and has hit the disturbed earth running. Sarah Coles spent an afternoon at the farm eating peanut butter and watching Paul and the great nettle experiment unfold. The Boy and the Nettle: Aesop’s Fable A Boy, stung by a Nettle, ran home crying, to get … Continue reading Grasp The Nettle

All The Bees Are Dead

Future Headline: Abbott’s Green Army Hand Pollinates Food Crops Because All The Bees Are Dead. Around the world, the use of a type of pesticide called neonicotinoids is on the increase, much to the dismay of beekeepers, who view ‘neonics’ as contributing to a decline in bee numbers. A worldwide reduction in bee populations poses a serious risk to the global food supply. ‘Bees are … Continue reading All The Bees Are Dead