Greening the Apocalypse podcast


Greening the Apocalypse started as a summer fill at RRR, a community radio station in Melbourne. The first show went to air on 10 February 2015. Since then, we’ve been picked up as a weekly show, and have been extremely fortunate in accessing some of the sharpest minds in global food, ecological and political systems, including:

Clive Blazey . Joel Salatin. Vandana Shiva. David Holmgren. Megan Floris. Bruce Pascoe. Darren Doherty. Lisa Heenan. Isabella Doherty. Matt Wilkinson. Jackie French. Paul Miragliotta. Michael Mobbs. Alison Pouliot. Jodi Roebuck. Mariam Issa. Satyajit Das. Stephen Pepper. Dr Samuel Alexander. Dr Kevin Tolhurst. Theo Kitchener. Kirsten Larsen. Christos Tsiolkas. Dianne McGrath. Chris Ennis. Noisy Ritual. Professor David Karoly. Pedal People. Joel K Bourne. Jo Nemeth. Dr Nick Rose. Peta Christensen. Rohan Anderson. and Chris KP.

Greening the Apocalypse is now available as a podcast.


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