The clusterf*ck that the world seems to be facing

Greening the Apocalypse is a weekly radio talk show about big picture issues such as the global energy crisis and climate change from a solutions angle.

Airing every Tuesday night on Melbourne’s RRR community radio station, Greening the Apocalypse started in early 2015 after Adam Grubb and Ben Bush combined forces.

Mr Grubb has a background in energy politics and co-founded Very Edible Gardens. Mr Bush has a background as a stonemason and founded Macedon Ranges Permaculture.

The community broadcaster approached Mr Grubb about putting together a show for RRR when the popular gardening segment Dirty Deeds was wrapping up.

The station asked Mr Grubb if would be interested in creating a gardening segment to fill the void left by Dirty Deeds. “I said no, but I would be interested in doing something that was looking at big picture issues and the clusterf*ck that the world seems to be facing.”

Mr Bush was a regular on Dirty Deeds. At the same time that RRR were talking to Mr Grubb, Mr Bush put together a proposal for a new radio show.

Mr Bush said his proposal was, “A bit of gardening stuff, a bit of permaculture stuff, and talking about old skills that are coming back because of the ‘clusterf*ck of crises’ that we are facing as a species.”

Mr Grubb and Mr Bush met years before the radio show when Mr Bush attended a lecture about edible weeds given by Mr Grubb. They decided to combine forces. The first episode of Greening the Apocalypse aired in February 2015.

The radio show is now available as a podcast.

Mr Grubb said that Greening the Apocalypse is popular despite the difficult issues it tackles. “We manage to address these issues by keeping a sense of humour through it all. We don’t come across as total nut jobs,” he said.

Disclaimer: Sarah Coles co-hosts on Greening the Apocalypse every second week.


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