The Last Time I Had Sunday Off Kurt Cobain Was Alive

Today a miracle. I was standing in the kitchen at work cooking strawberries for the semolina pancakes special. The strawberries and my brain had both been stewing for the better part of the hour. I was trying to figure out a way to get more time to surf.

The dilemma:

I don’t have a car or a driver’s licence. I lost my license blowing .14 back in 97. So I rely upon lifts from friends that surf.

Friends That Surf- A list

1)Graham- works long hours Monday to friday taking photographs of chickens for Coles catalogues. By the time he gets to the weekend he is fried. He cannot get out of bed early on Saturday and I work in the cafe Sunday

2)Ex Boyfriend- has a busy life juggling work, uni and an air guitar playing 6 year old. Has some similar days off to me but we haven’t gone surfing since the split. Perhaps the pain of surfing with an ex outweighs the joy of surfing. Forget I said that. We are going surfing next Wednesday. BREAK UPS IS BETTER WHEN YOU SURF

3)That guy who is friends with those people I housesat for last winter who invited me surfing a few times- I’m not sure I can make polite conversation for more than 4 minutes. I also suspect him of being a hippie. I don’t want to get stuck miles from the waves next to a combi with a blown gasket. And travelling with a hippie carries aural risks. He might play dub on the way down the coast. He could have friends with djembes.

I work unconventional hours so Graham drives and we go surfing Saturday mornings before I have to get to my shiatsu clinic in the afternoon. In theory it works. But in reality post surf Graham and I end up in a bodgy noodle place and I’ve got chopsticks in one hand and my phone in the other texting clients about an “unforeseen delay”. I can’t exactly tell the truth… “Yes boo hoo you have sciatica but I’m famished from surfing and need to chow down some wok fried squid. And really at this point couldn’t give a flying fuck about your compressed lumbar nerve because I have just decompressed my city brain with a good old fashioned counter cultural dip in the soup. Regards, your health professional”.

Chapter 3: Saying No At Work "Say No To Your Inner Slave Driver"

So it is complicated. Or was until today. I asked my boss if I could have Sundays off. She said yeah.

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