McShite Burger

If this movie was a food it would be a legend burger


If this food were a movie it would star Brad Pitt as an IRA henchman

Last night I watched an asinine movie with Brad Pitt playing an IRA hitman. Last year a friend and I watched THE BLUE ANGEL, a Marlene Dietrich film from 1929, and I realised that you could watch an incredible movie every night of your life until you die and still not have watched them all. So it’s always disappointing when I wind up on the couch watching Brad Pitt say ‘Da’. It’s the same with food. Why do people eat McDonalds Legend Burgers when there’s field mushrooms to be had? Why do I crave the Belgian chocolates that I got out of the dumpster when there is an apricot tree in the vacant lot opposite my house?

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